[Submissed] Barra Brass Bound spanked whipped and machine fucked [The Rat Bastards] (1.53 GB)

[Submissed]  Barra Brass Bound spanked whipped and machine fucked  [The Rat Bastards]


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They bound his feet with fetters and placed an iron collar on his neck

Psalm 105:18

* The Rat Bastards Present *


Fans of BDSM will enjoy the content on this fetish network, where babes endure various forms of bondage and are taken to sexy new heights with ball-gagging, machine fucking, orgasm control and being hogtied, as well as men getting jerked off...

Submissed.com contains the videos from StrugglingBabes and BoundMenWanked. Bound men and women is what they deliver and Submissed will not disappoint.  

Bound spanked whipped and machine fucked

Published: 10.11.2016 Duration: 21 min
Niches: Blonde, Dildo, Vibrator, Machine-fuck, Heels, Big tits, Skinny, Male dominant, Naked, Dungeon, Bound and gagged, Caged, Tape gagged, Vibed, Collar
Performer(s): Barra Brass
Site: Submissed

*** see screen for info ***

* This video is a BDSM video I believe...  I'm not in to this so am just guessing...  

the scene shows Barra in a cage, bound, and ball gagged...  she is soon bent over the dude's knee and spanked...  she is then stripped, and introduced to the vibrator wand...     then she is tied to the wall and whipped...    and finally, she is introduced to the mechanical fucking machine...  

there is no sex involved...  

* this stuff makes me very uncomfortable, but if you boys and girls like it, I will continue to find and grab some more...