[TEK-067] Mikami Yua Bluray ISO (24.4 GB)

[TEK-067] Mikami Yua Bluray ISO



Former SKE48 member, Kito Momona, debuts in Japanese adult entertainment as Mikami Yua.
Scene 1: Interview
Scene 2: Blow Job with clothing on
Scene 3: Regular straight sex with another man
Scene 4: Solo Glamour shots inside of bubble bathtub - eating ice cream
Scene 5: Regular straight sex with another man - handjob and footjob, etc..
Scene 6: Sex with two men

ID: TEK-067
Release Date: 2015-06-01
Length: 180 min(s)
Director: —-
Maker: Muteki
Label: Muteki
Quality Video: Blu-ray BDISO

Screens: Show