[1080p/FHD] GAOR-094 - Yuzu Kitagawa Is My Girlfriend H.265 (2.46 GB)

[1080p/FHD] GAOR-094 - Yuzu Kitagawa Is My Girlfriend H.265


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Yuzu Kitagawa Is My Girlfriend

Read the title carefully. Yuzu Kitagawa is my girlfriend, so back the fuck off, buddy.

With the serious affairs out of the way, let's have some fun with a description of the movie. If you're familiar with the GASO code, then GAOR is no different; they just changed to a new one. That means there's still no real sex, only simulated sex with the girl using a dildo that's supposed to represent your dick.

Production values, themes and schemes are very much the same. First off, Yuzu wakes you up really cutely. From here on out, I will omit that last part, because Yuzu does everything very cutely. Once you're finally up, there's a little bit of morning sex.

Next up is a little stroll through the park. Once you're done and back home, Yuzu models the first bikini for you, a blue one that hides very little. That flimsy piece of cotton over her mons, hnnnnnggg. Anyway, you both take a bath to unwind from your rough day next. Yuzu soaps herself up nicely and uses her soapy breasts and hands to show you a good time.

The following two and last scenes are the same classics we all know and love. Yuzu first cooks for you, then switches into another bikini for the final sexual encounter. For that, they got a little bit creative, with one position that is sort of a 69, where your face is close to Yuzu's crotch, which she plays with, while your dick is far away in her mouth. Other than that, you finish missionary and slump to her side, where she wishes you a good night and you both go to sleep, happy and serene.

None of you touch Yuzu or heads will roll.

Yuzu Kitagawa

Length: 02h16m34s
Size: 2.35 GB
Resolution: 1920x1080
Codec: H.265/HEVC

Screencapped with a Blackmagic Design 4K Intensity Pro, then encoded to H.265 at CRF 21.

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