[1080p/FHD] EKDV-364 - Shaved Pussy - Kokoa Aisu For Rent H.265 (2.65 GB)

[1080p/FHD] EKDV-364 - Shaved Pussy - Kokoa Aisu For Rent H.265


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Shaved Pussy - Kokoa Aisu For Rent

Cute! Cocoa Aisu is up for rent; you can borrow her for a while and do with her whatever you please.

Of course, she always looks her cute self, having her hair in adorable pigtails in almost every scene, and wearing one outfit or another. This is from a fairly large Crystal Eizou series where an (alleged) amateur/non-actor gets to do whatever he wants with a JAV actress; the one with Ayumi for example (EKDV-414) has her use an onahole on the guy, weirdly (not that I wouldn't ask her to).

This one seems a little more straightforward as most of the guys seem content to have Cocoa dressed up in cute costumes. Since she's got the whole loli thing going and they're trying to play up the "these guys aren't porn actors" angle, there's a lot of sucking and jerking, especially in the beginning.

It takes around an hour for Cocoa's pussy to come into play beyond some light fingering. During intercourse, she's dressed either in non-descript cute outfits, or as a nurse, a schoolgirl, and finally a catgirl. She sucks guys and jerks them off, fucks in cowgirl, missionary and from behind, and usually gets a facial to finish things off.

Cocoa Aisu

Length: 02h00m31s
Size: 2.52 GB
Resolution: 1920x1080
Codec: H.265/HEVC

Screencapped with a Blackmagic Design 4K Intensity Pro, then encoded to H.265 at CRF 21.

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