[720p] GASO-0014 - My Girlfriend Moe Amatsuka H.265 (1.66 GB)

[720p] GASO-0014 - My Girlfriend Moe Amatsuka H.265


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My Girlfriend Moe Amatsuka

Another GARDEN GFE movie! This time with Moe. It's an earlier one, almost a year older than the Anri and Nono ones. Thus, there are some minor differences, but you can see they definitely stuck with the concept.

First of all, Moe doesn't wake you up, but instead it's the protagonist who taps on the bed for her to get up. What a sleepyhead! She sleeps with full makeup and glitter, which means you can skip the bathroom stuff and go straight to a drowsy morning blowjob (again, with a skin-coloured dildo, no fleshy penises here!).

The other activities are very similar. You go to an arcade (but unlike in the other movies, also go play some baseball at a machine. WAIFU), she wears a skimpy bikini for you (but not as skimpy as Nono's or Anri's) and poses a little (less sexy, more embarrassed. WAIFU), later she even cooks for you like in the other movies and you go to bed together.

Moe Amatsuka

Length: 02h24m07s
Size: 1.58 GB
Resolution: 1280x720
Codec: H.265/HEVC

Screencapped with a Blackmagic Design 4K Intensity Pro, then encoded to H.265 at CRF 21.

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