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(Mofos.com) Yui Hatano - I Know That Girl


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yui hatano gets into a car where a man is waiting for her the man starts to touch her they then drive home the man stops yui from getting out the car and the man gets her hand and puts it on his dick yui then lifts her skirt to show him her underwear and pulls her top down to show him her bra she then gives the guy a blowjob but tells him she'll make him cum later the two of them are mow in they're house yui takes off her clothes and shows the man her ass the man then says that they should both take a shower he watches yui clean her body he then touches her breasts and cleans yuis ass with the shower head he then asks yui to turn around so he can shower her pussy the man asks yui if she could wash his dick yui makes sure it's clean before giving him a blowjob but before the man cums yui gets up and goes into the bedroom the man follows and yui continues the blowjobs she then takes his dick and starts to titty fuck him she then starts to blow him again the man puts his dick into her pussy they then fuck for the next few minutes the guy gets up and fucks yui from behind the man finally cums in her mouth